• Jul 24, 2015
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Destination Inspired Décor: Island

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Is the beach your home? Do you dream of longer vacations, soft white sand, and palm trees? Maybe you wish the temporary simplicity and relaxation of vacation on a luxurious island was more permanent. But as August and back-to-school quickly approach, you are reminded that your island oasis is just a fantasy. Or is it? Although you can’t get the soft sand or the sun right in your home, you can get the warm, relaxing atmosphere of your favorite tropical island. Whether you want a subtle island feel or an all-encompassing island presence, these elements will give you the home-based oasis you’ve always wanted.

Exotic Flooring

bedroom decorating ideas

Exotic flooring like cork and bamboo will make relaxing at home feel like a getaway.

Palm Blade Ceiling Fan

bedroom decorating ideas

From DansCeilingFans.com

You’ll be surprised how much this simple touch will add to your room’s oasis design.


bedroom decorating ideas

From Bensof.com

Including tall, leafy plants in your home will give the illusion of palm trees.


bedroom decorating ideas

From Oftrax.com

Wake up happy and relaxed with a beautiful white mesh canopy over your bed.

Coconut Spray

Invest in some coconut-scented air freshener to get not only the look, but also the scent of paradise.

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